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Hickory Nuts

Hickory Nut, Extra Large
This is the extra large Hickory Nut. It measures 6 1/2" finished. It makes really nice "Mug Rugs", "Wreath", "Candle Mat" to name just a few uses. It is an ideal size for a small embroidery motif.

Price: $26.95 each   

Hickory Nut, Large
This large Hickory Nut is 3 1/2" finished. It is a quilt as you go system that you can put together many projects. This size is perfect for assembling candle mats, place mats, table toppers, etc. If you like hexagons, you will love this!

Price: $13.25 each   

Hickory Nut, Small
The Small Hickory Nut finishes at 2 1/2". If you love hexagons, this quilt as you go system makes it easy.

Price: $10.95 each